Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Certification Process | WiMAX Certifications

The WiMAX certification process is the steps, processes and tests which are performed to ensure that products will perform as desired and will reliably interoperate with other devices that are certified.

Testing for WiMAX products can be performed using testing conformance standards. The WiMAX test standards include a protocol implementation conformance statement (PICS), a test suite structure (TSS) and a radio conformance testing (RCT).

A protocol implementation conformance statement proforma is a document that is provided by a company or testing facility that states that the product or system provides and supports a specific set of commands and protocols. The 802.16 system has many capabilities and WiMAX devices typically are designed to support only a limited set of the protocols and capabilities.

A test suite structure (TSS) is a set of testing equipment configurations and procedures that are used to evaluate the operation and performance of products or systems. For the WiMAX system, the TSS performs operational testing of key functions of WiMAX devices including connecting radio links, authenticating, setting up, and changing services.

Radio conformance tests are a set of procedures that are used to evaluate the operation and performance of the radio part of wireless products or systems.

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