Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The mobile WiMAX end-to-end network architecture is based on an All-Internet Protocol (IP) platform, all packet technology, and no circuit switch telephony. The end-to-end architecture makes the greatest possible use of IETF and IEEE standards and protocols along with the adoption of commonly available standard equipment.
The open IP architecture gives network operators great flexibility when selecting solutions that work with legacy networks or that use the most advanced technologies, and in determining what functionality they want their network to support. They can choose from a vertically integrated vendor that provides a turnkey solution or they can pick and choose from a dense ecosystem of best-of-breed players with a more narrow focus. The architecture allows modularity and flexibility to accommodate a broad range of deployment options such as small scale to large scale, urban, suburban, and rural coverage, mesh topologies, flat, hierarchical and their variant, and finally, coexistance of fixed, nomadic portable and mobile usage models.
Mobile WiMAX adds both the mobility and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) functionalities to the IEEE 802.16-2005 standard. It is one of two standards adopted by the WiMAX forum with the other one being the IEEE 802.16-2004. Mobile WiMAX network architecture mainly has three components. These include the access services network (ASN), the core services network (CSN), and the application services (AS) network. Figure 12.1 illustrates the interconnection of these networks. The WiMAX network supports the following key functions:
  • All-IP access and core service networks
  • Support for fixed, nomadic, and mobile access
  • Interoperability with existing networks via internetworking functions
  • Open interfaces between ASNs and between the ASN and the CSN
  • Support for differential quality of service (QoS) depending on the application
  • Unbundling of the access, core, and application service networks
Figure 1: WiMAX network architecture.
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